The Snuggle Down

The Logical Heart Knows Best

This photo is so soothing to me. I can hear the crickets chirping and feel the sweet night air enveloping me. As I walk, the grass yields with soft crunches beneath my feet. The bats swoop above my head, fluttering like giant dark butterflies of the night. I sit down on the park bench and bathe in the starlight, ahhh.

I got another late start tonight, windows was taking forever to update, I’d just updated a few days ago. Agh, the computer just glitched on me, I thought I lost this post. It had to repair itself last night, it also took a long time. It went through screens I’d never seen it do before. I believe it’s time to get a new computer for real.

Another day in the good old apartment. I’m so glad that it’s a comfy and cozy place with everything I could need or want. I am listening to The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. I like it! I watched Song Exploder on Netflix as I ate supper. Watching TV while eating supper is a guilty pleasure. I hope they keep making this series, it’s excellent. I have one episode left to watch, then we wait until they make more.

The day flew by and suddenly it was time to blog. Fifteen more days left, omg! It’s so close to the end of this daily blogging challenge. Oh, and I’ve got to read 12 more books to make my Goodreads challenge of 100 books this year.

I’m getting used to being cooped up now. I need to call it something more positive, like snuggling down, lol. I’m surrendering to it because it’s easier that way. I will keep myself entertained until the gate opens, then watch out! Until then, there are snuggling down activities, like books, writing, drawing, online course, music listening, guitar playing, socializing online, web surfing/research, Skyping with the kids, tea-drinking, movie watching, podcast listening, video game playing, etc. When the weather and my body permit, I can go for walks. And eventually, I’ll be able to get back to more strenuous activities when my body allows.

The world will wait until we’re able to come out and play safely again. It’s all still there, the ocean, the mountains, the lovely people we want to hug, the hustle and bustle of places to go and people to see. And won’t it be all the sweeter because we’ve been missing it so?

I had strange dreams this morning, well, I typically have vivid dreams. At one point I was treading through this lake or ocean bay of thick murky green water, my feet squishing at rubble at the bottom. It felt like silt and thick algae layered on smooth round small rocks and jabbing weeds and sticks. I was touching down carefully, wary of what I was stepping on, though it was deep enough for me to float, my head and shoulders above water, my knees flexed so my feet were not pressing with their full weight. I had a long way to go to reach my destination at the opposite end of the lake. That’s how this year has been, mucking around in the unknown with a long way to the journey’s end. Keeping our heads above water while paddling along, being careful as we go.

That’s from my subconscious sleeping dreams. While awake, I’m surrendering to the snuggle down. It helps if I view it as a perpetual sleepover at my place. Just me and Drue, yeah. That’s more like it. Sounds more appetizing that way. Sleepovers are fun! 😀

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