The Logical Heart Knows Best

Drawing pictures of my daughter’s cat was a blast today! I’m definitely going to dabble in more artistic projects in the upcoming year. I love the immediate, tangible results. It’s so engrossing, the rest of the world fades away and you get into this hypnotic zone.

I finished listening to two books today. Every Heart a Doorway, and Brokeback Mountain. They were both immensely enjoyable. I began listening to two other books and did a double set of PT. It has been a lovely day.

It was reassuring to see that there is going to be another pandemic relief bill. That came down to the wire. I’m so thankful it postpones the evictions and extends unemployment. More vaccines are on the way too. We’re making progress.

Wow, it’s Christmas this Friday. We’re not doing anything this year. I will Skype with the kids and we’ll open the gifts we sent to one another together, that’ll be wonderful. Yay technology!

Eleven more days of this year of daily blogging! Thank goodness, because I am petering out. I’m sitting here trying to make my brain extrude something interesting through my fingertips to the keyboard.

My existence has become bundled up into puttering around in this apartment and a weekly trip to the grocery store, along with Skype sessions with the kids. Each day is basically the same. When my body lets me be active again, the inspiration will flow more readily. For now, I’m cocooned.

I know we should go on a drive at night to see the Christmas Lights nearby to break free of this cocoon of an apartment. Tomorrow’s grocery shopping, woohoo!

Now I’m imagining monarch butterflies emerging from their chrysalises. The kids had one of those butterfly hatching kits when they were little, so cool. I’m not a butterfly, but a moth pupa mucking around in here, lol. Wiggle wobble. Maybe I’ll turn out to be Mothra, surprise! https://www.rogerebert.com/features/an-ode-to-mothra-co-kaiju-of-godzilla-king-of-the-monsters

I could go for a Godzilla movie right about now. I haven’t seen the most recent one. I wonder if they have the old ones on any of our streaming services? I can have a Godzilla marathon. Godzilla vs the Smog Monster, Hedorah is such mod and groovy fun. Then it’ll be The Lord of the Rings and next, Harry Potter! I will indulge. Yes, this is an excellent plan. I’m gonna want snacks and candies though. I know what I’m buying tomorrow on our magnificent outing to Target. Splurge time!

Our apartment needs a name. It’s becoming more animate from all the time I spend here. The incubator, lmao. Mothra’s Hideaway, heh. Godzilla not allowed.

Our balcony is barren. The pots for the plants are packed on top of each other in the corner. Dead dried plant remnants layered over the dirt, composting. A fine layer of dust covering it all. In spring I will give the balcony a good cleaning and the sliding glass doors as well. I thought about getting some lights for the railing to liven it up. I will add it to the grocery list so I won’t forget.

Gah, it’s late! It’s taken me longer than expected to write this silliness, lol. It’s TV watching time, then night-night. Eleven more days!

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