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There were frantic Christmas shoppers at the grocery store tonight. They were trying to bully their way around traffic jams. It improved when we made it to the grocery section, whew! I’m so thankful we don’t have to fret about the holidays anymore. It’s so much more peaceful now. As the years have gone by, I have purposely decreased and simplified my participation in the holiday frenzy. We pared it down to focusing it on the kids most of all. Now that they’re grown, it’s even simpler. Low stress is the way we like it.

I don’t believe the gift I sent our daughter is going to arrive in time, though I ordered it during the first week in December. It’s been sitting in the post office in her city since the 11th. I doubt our son will receive his other gift on time either. I always electronically send them money, so they’ll at least have that. The poor postal service is buckling under the strain. What a year,

We hurried through our shopping tonight. I restrained myself and didn’t get loads of snacks as planned. I got a bag of Skittles for movie candy. And I got some Biscoff cookies. I loaded up on fresh veggies though. I found a cool website that helps vegans and vegetarians when eating out or buying groceries. https://www.vegknowledge.com/

I’m not cooking any holiday food for Christmas except for desserts. I’m baking cookies and finally making a coconut creme pie. We’ll have pasta for our meal. Drue’s working, so it’ll be like any other day to us.

The Christmas lights were bright beacons glowing in the velvety night as we drove to the store. On Christmas evening, I may go for a slow drive to see the lights up close. The only Christmas music I’ve heard is while grocery shopping and there’s an advent calendar my friends set up online where I’ve listened to some beautiful music. We’ve all shared holiday cheer on the calendar. It’s been so lovely.

I finished listening to a book about writing today called Consider This by Chuck Palahniuk. I loved the memoir bits about his life as a writer. I’ve read none of his other books. I know of him from the movie Fight Club. I checked out his book Haunted to listen to. A story included in this book called Guts has made at least 67 people faint. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2004/mar/13/fiction.chuckpalahniuk I will lie down while listening to that one, in case I’m one who faints.

I’ve got nine more books to read/listen to by the end of this month. I will attempt to read more because a few of the things I listened to were summaries, which is cheating, right?

Sheesh, I’m pooping out here. Time to crawl under the covers and zone out to TV viewing. We watched a movie called Flower last night. Zoey Deutch, the lead actor, was hilarious. Wonder what we’ll watch tonight? Yay!

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