Four More Days

The Logical Heart Knows Best

Four more days! I got some party favors and balloons for Thursday night. I’m ready to celebrate. We went grocery shopping tonight because it’s going to snow tomorrow. We’re all set for the week now.

I have four more books left to listen to/read for the Goodreads reading challenge. I listened to a book about physics today. I kept wishing I could look at diagrams so I could picture the concepts more effectively. They described spacetime foam. It was fascinating.

It’s been a sleepy day. I’m ready to get back in bed and wait for the snow. When we wake up, it’ll be snowing. The first thing I will do is peek through the blinds to see the snow.

Listening to the physics book reminded me of how much we don’t know. I felt so small compared to the vastness of everything. It was wild how time behaves near a black hole. It’s incredible how brilliant people have made these discoveries and are cracking the codes of the universe.

Then I was thinking about the movie Interstellar. That led me to think about communicating with people who have died. I wondered if deceased people I dream about are trying to communicate with me in my dreams. Sometimes I believe so many more things are possible that we aren’t aware of. There’s so much that we don’t know.

I keep checking the word counter on here, lol. Just four more days, I can do this, heh. It doesn’t matter if the post is short, just as long as I’ve done one, it still counts.

We looked for a movie to watch last night. We went through the list I made and most of them didn’t have trailers, so we skipped those and the trailers we did watch were not what we were in the mood for. So we ended up watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, omg what an absurd show. It’s so inappropriate and cringey!

Maybe we’ll find a movie to watch tonight. Drue’s been threatening me with Die Hard. He said it’s a Christmas movie and we should watch it, lol. I’ve never seen it. I’ve never seen The Fast and the Furious either, which he’s mentioned we could watch. I hope they’re not like a series called Strike Back, which I nicknamed boobs and bullets. We tried watching it back in 2016, but after a few episodes, I couldn’t stomach it anymore. It was like watching a video game, there was not much substance to it.

I guess this is long enough. Time to choose a movie to watch! Four more days, yay!

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