The Logical Heart Knows Best

The Asian Pear Crisp turned out yummy! My tummy is happy. Now all I want is a hot bath and then TV time. I haven’t been watching TV during the day. Instead, I’ve been listening to books or reading.

One more day! Tomorrow my year of daily blogging is done! I can’t believe it’s finally arrived. Yay! What will I do with the extra hours of free time? We shall see very soon!

It’s been a hushed winter day. I put makeup on for a change, and I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror afterward. It was like I was in disguise. Too done up. I’m getting used to my appearance without makeup and am growing to prefer a bare, natural face.

I attended a meeting about investing in bitcoin mining. It was interesting. I have a lot more to learn though. When I know enough, then I may take the risk and invest in ventures with compound gains.

I was admiring the Christmas tree today and wondered how long I’d keep it up this year? It’s so cheery, I don’t want to take it down yet. When we were grocery shopping, I looked to see if there were any strings of lights on clearance for the balcony railing. They had sold just about everything. Then I remembered I’d read an article that said people bought way more decorations than usual this year, so they were running short to begin with.

I listened to another book about physics and now I’m listening to God Help the Child by Toni Morrison. I’ll be done with my Goodreads reading challenge tomorrow too! I won’t pledge as many books to read in 2021. A hundred was too much.

I’m struggling to write. There’s not much going on here, but I am grateful and content. I’ve accepted that for a little while longer I will be cocooning. When the time’s right, we can emerge and flutter about again.

The days are passing quickly, and we are progressing all the time. Before we know it, it’ll be Christmas again and more normalcy, we hope.

My brain and fingers aren’t cooperating with finding something to write, so I call it done for tonight. Time for a hot bath with a book.

Michelle Miyagi
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