The Logical Heart Knows Best

This is the last blog post of 2020! I want to write something profound or significant, but I’m just thankful to have made it to now in this unnerving year. We have been fortunate, our family and loved ones are safe and well. We hope to keep it that way.

Gratitude has kept me focused on what’s important and reminds me to take nothing for granted. Whenever fears arose or frustration took over, gratitude came to the rescue, pulling me out of the depths of despair. Surrender to accepting the things that were beyond my control lightened my burden of wanting to make a difference when there was nothing I could do that would change it. The pandemic was here to stay for a while.

Gratitude, surrender, and acceptance. This year has been a lesson in letting go. I could do everything in my power to help prevent the spread of the virus, but I had no control over what others did. I had no control over how our country responded to the pandemic. I had no control over falling ill with the virus before we knew it was a pandemic. I’ve had little control over how my body has responded over these past ten months with long COVID.

I’ve become skilled at patience and perseverance. I’ve learned to be better friends with my body. I’ve discovered that the universe steps in when we relax and cooperate instead of dictating how we think things should be. I’d forgotten the wisdom of being and listening.

This year was an opportunity to remember that all the doing in the world would never amount to the clarity and healing of presence and knowing. Simply being, letting go of all the goals, plans, expectations while throwing away all the shoulds, coulds, pressure, and goals on the fast track to achievements was the only sane answer to this year for me.

I’ve been here before and thought I’d learned the lesson. I’d convinced myself that I would never repeat the same mistakes again. How wonderful that the universe steps in with chances to choose again, to correct course, and return to love, wholeness, and serenity. As long as we need to learn our lessons, the universe gives us infinite opportunities to choose again.

The answer is to remember to be your own best friend by choosing the answer that is most loving of you, then everything else falls into place, flowing with love, making whole. To be your own best friend you have to stop doing and be with yourself long enough so you can hear the loving answers from within.

I had an abundance of chances to be with myself this year. There weren’t many other choices, lol. Yet still, I kept resisting by filling my days with routines to progress me to achieving goals. I fought the illness in my body and my body kept protesting. I’d try to overpower it and make my body do my bidding, but alas, my body won every time.

Eventually, I surrendered and began listening by cooperating, working with my body instead of bullying it around. I accepted that progress towards my goals would take as long as it takes. It took from the end of February till my birthday in October to wear me down into accepting that I was not the boss and the universe had other plans for me.

What kept me stubbornly persisting in trying to reach my goals? Fear, social conditioning, and a lack of trust or faith that the universe would support me if I wasn’t “earning my keep” by achieving or making a difference somehow with my accomplishments or service.

None of my fears have materialized. The universe has supported me at every turn. I don’t have to do or achieve anything to be worthy of love and support. By existing, I am worthy, just as any of us are. Until I am a friend to myself by listening to the loving answers of the voice of the universe from within, the logical heart, I will have chances to decide to be a friend to myself, or I can stubbornly resist by allowing my fears to dictate my choices. This year has allowed me to come back to myself and my logical heart through the lessons learned by dealing with health issues and the uncertainties of the pandemic.

I can afford to be my best friend because that is where all the abundance lies. Loving and being loving of myself sets the stage for everything that aligns with love, that flows and unites us in oneness with each other.

In 2020, I learned how to be my best friend again. Health issues give us the chance to slow down, take stock, and re-prioritize our lives to what matters the most. The pandemic has given the world an opportunity to do the same.

Let’s be best friends to ourselves and to each other, and choose what matters the most in 2021!

Yay! Daily blogging challenge for the year 2020 completed!!! Woot! Looking forward to being besties in 2021!

Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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