Be True To You First Take

The Logical Heart Knows Best

Hi, y’all! Sharing about the Be True to You Challenge again! It’s a free 21-day challenge in a private Facebook group. It just takes a small part of your day to complete, less than an hour. It’s simultaneously playful, introspective, cathartic, and fun! It engages every part of you. I invite y’all to join in! Hope to see you there! You can sign up here 😍 https://michellemiyagi.com/join-the-be-true-to-you…/

Michelle Miyagi
After 27 years as a Registered Nurse in Geriatric/Psychiatric nursing, I now focus on spirituality, mindfulness, kindness, and holistic, healthy living. Let's chat. Book a free call with me here. https://calendly.com/30-min-session/meeting

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