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The Logical Heart Knows Best

I believe that the way to peace and a life well lived is to begin from the inside. This means maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself because that’s where your true power lies. To own your power, you need to know what your boundaries are, which means knowing yourself deeply and honoring yourself always. It’s difficult to stay true to yourself with all the pressure from the outside world. Once you establish a firm connection with your inner truth, you will always feel belonging and love because it comes from within you. You no longer depend on the outer world for validation and approval. You know your inherent worth and act from this powerful truth. When you embody the love that is you, it will get more and more difficult to betray that love. Once you are in tune with your logical heart, your whole being will be insistent on what’s the most loving thing to do. You will be on the path that is most beneficent for all when you heed the call of the logical heart.

I believe we are all responsible for one another because what affects one person ripples out and affects the entire world bit by bit. What harms one person harms us all and what’s helpful to another is helpful for us all. We each, in our own ways, contribute to the greater good. I believe in creating a more nurturing, caring, loving world through our thoughts, words, deeds, and ways of being.

I believe we are spirits/consciousness experiencing a physical world, that we are eternal and after our bodies die, we live on energetically. We are one loving, infinite energy, and consciousness in the greater, eternal reality. This world is illusory, temporary, but it is only too real while we are experiencing it. Unless you are an advanced monk or yogi, it is difficult to be unphased by the world. I don’t ascribe to the spiritual bypassing, spiritual narcissism, dissociation, denial, and avoidance I’ve witnessed in spiritual or law of attraction communities. Spirituality and the law of attraction can be helpful, but they can also be harmful. I believe in moderation or a middle way. If we’re to be helpful to one another, we need empathy. We need feelings to have compassion. This involves acknowledging that there is pain and suffering, that it’s a fact of being human and the only way is through. By being aware and honoring our pain, we can then help to prevent trauma and abuse while promoting healing. We are in a continual process of forgiveness.

I believe we’re too obsessed with productivity and goals. We need more being and less doing. More presence, gratitude, appreciation, and immersion in what’s here, right now. We need to make more space in our lives, listen to what our soul wants, not what the yammering world demands, but surrender to what truly feeds us from deep within. After taking a long break, I discovered the personal development I thought was helping me was actually sabotaging me. Go figure.

I believe there is an objective, factual reality here, where what we do can help or harm others. I believe we must keep learning and growing to where we are doing more loving and less harming. We must stand up for each other, protect and treat each other with reverence, especially being mindful of the most vulnerable. This applies to nature, animals, and the whole of whatever we touch. For example, vaccines are proven to help us, so if we are loving, we will get vaccinated. We are here to help others as well as ourselves. It’s proven that eating plants is the healthiest diet, while also being better for the environment, therefore to be loving, we will eat plants instead of animals. The way we are living is destroying us. There has to be urgent change. The world is dying.

It is our duty to hold our leaders accountable. When something is harmful, we must speak the truth and correct it if we can. We are communities and have a say in it all. We all have a right to express ourselves within reason, but if we are spreading lies, harmful misinformation, and promoting abuse, then there must be counter-speech and action or else be complicit. If our leaders are dictators, bullies, or narcissists, then we need to do what it takes to diminish their power, to call them out, or reduce our participation in such toxicity. To create a loving world, there must be loving, healthy boundaries everywhere.

I believe that by being truthful, by sharing our stories and what’s worked for us, we can help each other, so we can grow together and create a more loving, caring, compassionate world. If we all do our part by maintaining a solid relationship with ourselves and embody the love that is us, then in this way, we promote the highest beneficence for us all. When we live from the truth of the logical heart, we can’t help but create a more loving world. Yeah, it’s all temporary, but why not have the best time and highest love while we’re here?

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Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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