Narcissists Lack Accountability

The Logical Heart Knows Best

Is there a person in your life who turns it around and blames you when you’re addressing problems with them? Do they manipulate the situation and wiggle their way out of being accountable to help solve the problem?

These slippery people are typically on the narcissistic spectrum and do not operate in reality. Their reality is based on self-preservation at all costs. They have fragile egos and must remain in control.

It will be a continuous struggle to communicate with them to reach common ground and resulting solutions. The more you try to get through to them, the more drama, because they have to be the ones who are in control and will do everything they can to maintain their perceived superiority. They have a whole repertoire of manipulative tactics to defend themselves and maintain dominance.

The most healthy thing to do in these encounters is to remove yourself from the equation.

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Michelle Miyagi
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