Coping With Eco-Anxiety

The Logical Heart Knows Best

Humans have always been worried about natural disasters and the world’s end. Lately, though, it’s feeling like it’s getting increasingly out of control. The environment is degrading faster than predicted because of climate change.

It’s only logical to want to help prevent further destruction? But how big of an impact can one person make? It’s not up to the individual to create this huge transformation. The global powers and those who have the most control over industries have to decide to do the right thing before it’s too late. We’re down to the wire.

Does the world have to collapse before we make the changes needed to save ourselves? The people who have the most power must act now. Power and profits won’t mean anything if we destroy ourselves?

Each individual can make changes over the things we have control over. These add up, but it’s not enough. The changes needed require global intervention right now. We need to come together and cooperate to save the Earth. It’s everyone’s responsibility, but especially those who are in power are accountable for what happens next. It will take all of us to save ourselves. ♡

Switching to a whole foods plant-based/vegan diet is the single biggest way to reduce your negative impact on the Earth and is healthier and cheaper for you. There are no downsides to at least reducing your intake of animal products. Animal agriculture is the most destructive industry on our planet. I just watched the documentary Eating Our Way to Extinction. It’s a must-watch for sure! 😍


To take the high road, you must get yourself to the solid ground of the logical heart first. This begins with you and your relationship with yourself. I can help empower you to choose what’s most loving of YOU.

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Michelle Miyagi
Hi! I was an RN, BSN in mental/behavioral health for 27 years. Now I'm helping empower caring people like me to prioritize themselves by maintaining healthier boundaries for more freedom, peace, and joy. I am also active in Long Covid advocacy.

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