I am navigating this human experience as best I can by actively cultivating and allowing my heart’s desires to flow by being loving of myself which is inherently most loving of others for we are one.

I am wanting the highest love in every aspect of my life and enjoy sharing ideas and ways of balancing & coping with the twists & turns along the ride.

I have found that my heart is the voice of truth & therefore is the most logical & reliable compass. Contrary to popular belief, emotions are not a sign of weakness, but an indicator of truth when channeled effectively, leading to the most powerful & loving choices, if honored & allowed.

The trick is keeping consciously connected to that higher knowing no matter what my mind, fears and “reality” seem to show otherwise. My heart knows what is real, always. By heart, I mean that deep inner guidance, spirit, intuition that connects us all. The part of me that flows with love.

I am passionate about expanding my knowledge and growing in relationship with all…I want the highest love for all and believe that through our loving relationships and sharing & giving we can experience more of what we all desire & create an ever more beautiful, loving, creative, abundant & supportive world.

Where we realize the freedom available by being loving of ourselves. By taking responsibility for ourselves and how we think, feel & act. By being open to developing and expanding ourselves, through whatever means. Listening to our hearts and being loving of ourselves as best we can. A constant process, but well worth the effort.

I want to spread hope when all seems lost for I am also often at a loss and have been uplifted by the loving hearts & compassion of friends, often people I have never physically met. And sharing ways of being that have helped them. Hearts know no bounds of time & space. The way of the heart is logical and always knows best. We have to trust this all knowing guidance and I am learning as I experience life’s challenges, how to surrender to this portal of light.





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